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The Industrial Internet of Things is the next great wave of productivity, one that GE is uniquely positioned to lead. GE today is a digital industrial company. Our global businesses build on our strengths in technology, brand, globalization and services to generate consistent growth, high margins and high returns for investors.

GE wind turbine

This era's growth driver

The full application of data and analytics to machines and systems will be this era’s greatest growth driver. Our industrial software platform Predix is already used by more than 20,000 developers and 270 partner businesses. We will continue to invest in this transition and transform our portfolio. Our digital industrial capabilities will expand our growth rate, improve our margins and create value for GE shareholders.

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GE is already at the forefront, combining industrial engineering with sensors, software and big data analytics to create brilliant machines and maximize efficiency.

Digital sensors reduce costs and promote cleaner power generation.
Saves fuel, reduces flight risk, improving efficiency—fewer delays!
Connected LED street lighting will even help you find a parking spot.

Connected to the Internet by 2020

Five Reasons to Invest in GE


The digital

After a century at the forefront of industrial manufacturing, GE is transforming its portfolio of businesses to continue that pioneering leadership in the new digital industrial era.


Commitment to
shareholder value

Returned $12B to shareholders in dividends and stock buyback in 2017.


A winning
business model

GE products are often our customers’ most important assets, leading to long-term relationships and a services backlog of more than $200 billion. Our focus on competing in the world’s most critical industries leads to a more stable, predictable business.


Global power

In 180 countries in the developed world and emerging markets, GE innovation, manufacturing and technological strength are powering growth and improving outcomes.


Sharing technology
and culture

The GE Store transfers talent, expertise and connections throughout the company's diverse businesses and markets. It enables us to innovate at scale, investing more than our competitors, spreading ideas and connecting solutions across our businesses.

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